Sunday, June 8, 2008

Thanks Steph!

These were taken by Steph the same day that I cut my hair so thats why I am just now posting them. Alyssa was being a punk and she didnt smile for anything but I still think they are way cute. We only had like 30 min. to take them and i think Steph did a great job for what she had to work with. It was a crazy day ha ha. Thank you so much Steph for sharing your talents!

Old news

I cut my hair a little while ago and I never got to blog about it because it is hard to get the pics on tom's computer. Well I finally got them so here we go. I love the difference between these pics. I cut so much that I got to donate it to locks of love. I try to donate as much as I can because my hair grows fast. Its amazing what a haircut can do for someone. I just think its cool to see the before and after so here ya go!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Mary Kay!

I just started a new job as a Mary Kay Independant Beauty Consultant! So if you are interested in my products and you dont already have a consultant, let me know! I love doing this because I have met some of the coolest women ever! For example, Julyann, the woman in my pics, she was the first national sales director in Utah and she has the most amazing story. I kinda think she is crazy though cuz the night I met her she let me take her purse and get in her car while she sat inside the building and talked to people. You will understand why this is so crazy once you see the pics of the car. Another thing I love about Mary Kay is that it helps me feel like I am doing something productive. In other words, it gets me off my butt. I have more friends and more confidence then I have for a long time. It is just really fun and I hope I can be successful doing it. So help me out and try my products! ha ha. Thanks for reading!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Sunny Day!

Finally we got a hot sunny weekend! It was so much fun! Alyssa got to sit on a horse for the first time and then she chased the cat around ha ha. I hope this sunny weather helps those who have pools decide to open them because that is all I could think about! I am not much for writing huge stories so... blog ya later dude.