Monday, March 15, 2010

So I was shopping at Wal Mart and like always we had been there way longer than we should have so I was trying to hurry. When I got up to check out I started to unload my cart and when I looked up this is what I saw. All the workers were laughing so hard. We all thought it was the cutest thing ever! Now I know some of you are probably freaking out because his face is in deed touching the cart but I take the time to wash the cart every time I go and I feel like that cleans them pretty darn good. Any way It was just so stinkin cute, I had to share.

So this picture is a sad one. We were all in the bathroom one day getting ready to leave and Cody got placed in the sink. Well my flat iron was on and we heard him start to cry so we assumed that he burned himself. I picked him up and examined his hands and arms but I didn't see anything. Later I saw a little red mark on his head so I assumed maybe he hit his head on the faucet. Well a few days later I was playing with him and I saw something on his finger, I opened his hand and found a burn. It had blistered over so I didn't see it until the blister popped. this picture actually looks pretty good compared to what it looked like later because he would not keep a band aid on it so as he crawled around it got dirty and dry. It was way sad and I felt way bad.

It was my little brother Colby's 15th birth day on March 4th. It is totally crazy that he is already fifteen, I mean before we know it we will be sending him on a mission! We all went to my mom's house on the 5th and threw him a surprise party. The kids loved it and I hope he did too ha ha. I just love Colby. I think he is the coolest kid ever. He is so funny and always honest (even when he shouldn't be) but that is what I love about him. I love you Colbs, Happy Birth Day!!!

The kids waiting for Colby to come home
They hid

Colby and Mom
I love my littel bro
The kids and Brett made a slide
Stephs kids are crazy and almost died J/K

The weather has been teasing us a lot lately but we managed to get out a few times when it was a little bit warmer outside. Cody got to experiance the swing set for the first time. It was the cutest thing and Alyssa wanted to push him all day long! I cant wait for it to be warm so we can spend every day outside like we used to. Also there are a few random and fun pics of the kids.

On our way home from the Aquarium, my mom met us at a gas station because Alyssa's birthday gift finally got delivered to her and she was excited to give it to her. It was the cutest tent inside a back pack. It came with a flashlight and compass. Alyssa was super happy! It got put up right when we got home and has not come down since. She sleeps in it every night in her room and it has been everything from a pretend car to a swimming pool! Thanks mom!
How sweet :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Steph invited me to go to the Living Planet Aquarium with her one day. I had never even heard of it really but it sounded fun so we went. It was way cool! At first it seems like nothing too special, just fish tanks with Utah fish in them, but then as you go on there are tonz of exotic fish and all kinds of creatures! At one point there is a pool where you can touch the sting rays, it is a little nerve racking at first but once you buck up and do it it is pretty stinkin cool! I had to pretty much force the kids to touch them but once they did I couldn't stop them! So super fun! Thanks for inviting us Steph it was fun

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

We spent a few nights at Grandma Mac's house while they went out of town and here are a few of the cute things Alyssa did while we were there.