Saturday, April 25, 2009


Easter was a blast! Tom was lucky enough to have a six day weekend over Easter so we were able to go to Simpson Springs with my dad. We were also lucky enough to be able to borrow Layne and Laura's camping trailer and four-wheeler, and Matt's motorcycle! Thanks everyone! It was so fun to spend time just playing. The Easter bunny left candy and swimming suits for Alyssa and my unborn baby boy. Oh yeah I AM HAVING A BOY!!!!! We are super excited! So yeah Easter was way fun and I hope you like the few pics I remembered to take ha.
This is my baby driving a four wheeler by herself, sorta, Tom had to be close because she cant steer and she takes off pretty quickly sometimes ha ha.

These are just some pics from boring days at home. Yes my little girl loves to pretend to shoot us with daddy's BB gun and you can see it in her evil smile. She also likes to make jewelry with play dough, perfectly rounded child if you ask me ha ha!