Friday, November 20, 2009

The extended McFarland family decided to have a Halloween party this year. It was actually a pre-Halloween party because nobody dressed up and we just went to pick out pumpkins from Grandpa Layne's farm. It was way fun though, we started off with a hay ride to the pumpkin patch. Aunt Marline took charge and started singing songs, which was funny because the words in her songs were just a little different than everyone else. When we got to the patch we wondered around and picked out some pumpkins. Heidi and I hung out because our husbands were working to fix up the house she had just bought. Then they started a fire and set the hay bails around it so we could eat soup and doughnuts. We had a blast, I love family parties!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Halloween was pretty fun. Thanks to the DI, Alyssa had a pretty cute dragon costume. I love the DI! You can’t tell what she is supposed to be in the pictures because she looked up too much so you can’t see the cute head on her costume. I was a black cat because it was easy and cost me a whopping $3 for ears and eye shadow. Oh and yes I did my own makeup. Cody was a cute little frog but he was undressed before I got to take a picture. I had to wait till the night was over for pictures because we had to rush out the door to get to a trunk or treat and then I was having too much fun trick or treating with the kids to take any later. Tom is lame and didn't dress up. He thought of his costume too late so he will just have to do it next year. We went trick or treating with Tom's family and it was way fun! I can’t wait for next year!
Here are a few fun pictures of everyday life.

Fishing with Tom

Alyssa tied her own shoes

I made all this for a friend who is having a baby

Who does he think he is?

Monday, November 16, 2009


Our good friend (pretty much brother) Taylor Vanmeeteren came home from his mission, to Fresno California, November 4th so we decided at the last second to go to Montana, where his family now lives and where he was going, to see him. It was a surprise for him because we didn’t tell him we were going. We stayed for five days and it was a blast! We love the Vanmeeteren family, they are so sweet and I am sad they don’t live in Utah any more. Alyssa had nick names for everyone. She called Taylor "Tay Tay" she called Jed "Big Jed", Jolene "Jo Jo" and their friend Will "Willy" it was cute. Tom got to go fishing on Will's property, which is beautiful! We went to this cool bridge over a pretty river and just got to be with our friends. Taylor didn't change too much; he was a great kid before he left so there wasn't much to change. I am glad we got to go thanks Vanmeeterens for hosting a great trip!

Fall was fun for us this year. I know this sounds weird but we were excited to finally have a yard and leaves to rake. Alyssa had a blast and I think Cody might have to. It was cute to watch alyssa play in the leaves.

I have a cousin who plays football for Snow College and I thought it would be fun to go watch him play; so I found a babysitter and went with my grandma and aunt to see him. It was way fun! They do a chant called the Haka before the game so I have some pics of that. I thought it was pretty cool. Also my uncle Craig enters everyone’s name in the drawings for halftime giveaway stuff and this time he was finally the one to get his name pulled. It was pretty funny because he used to play for Snow and for his giveaway he had to kick. Well he got up there and the ball rolled about ten yards in front of him. It was HILARIOUS!!! As we were watching the game we decided that it would be fun to get all of my sister's and my mom to come watch the game too. So we set up a day that most of us could make it. It was so fun to be there with everyone and see my mom, aunt and grandma play football with the kids at halftime. I just love my family! The kids thought it was so cool to talk to the football guy (my cousin) after the game. Alyssa was being shy so she looks a little sad in the pictures.

My friends are catching up! People my age are finally old enough to get married! This is my friend Lexi's wedding. I just love this girl so I was beyond excited to hear that she finally found a guy as sweet as her. Her wedding was so cute and relaxed I loved it. I didn't get many pictures though. Congrats Lexi!!!Lexi and DevenCute cake Shay, Lexi and meMe and Shay
Here are some fun pictures from hanging out at home with the kids. They are so cute!!

This is Cody growing up way too fast.

Alyssa still cant put him downThis is when he first started to smileAlyssa found Brett's sticky rice cooker thing and used it as a hat ha ha cute!Tom wathching cartoons with the kids