Friday, June 19, 2009

This is my ugly hair. It looks horrible right? Yes it does. It also takes way to long to do and makes me super hot all the time so I decided to finally get it cut.

My wonderful aunt Nancy came to the rescue and gave me an awesome haircut! I look so cute! I have never had my hair this short and I was very scared but I love it! Thanks Nancy I love ya!

These pics are after sleeping. Isn't that so great that she did such a good job that I can sleep on my hair and it still looks this good!

The kids playing with marshmallow blow guns

My crazy mother in law made up another triathlon and crazy us, we participated. I call her crazy but we love her and she does an awesome job planning these things. They are honestly so much fun even though it kicks our butts. This race was actually planned as a four generation triathlon (cool huh?). Now let me just say that I was seven months pregnant and I did it! I walked 3 miles, biked 8 miles and hiked 3 miles. Tom and most others ran the first three miles while Janeal and I walked because we are the pregos. Then Tom and I rode a tandem bike and actually came in second place! After the adults were done, they had a little triathlon for all the kids. It was so cute and totally fun to watch all the kids. Alyssa ran like 1/4 mile non stop! Then she got tired and fell asleep on a four wheeler ha ha. After the kids were done we were fed a yummy lunch and just had a great time hanging out as a family. Sadly I didn’t remember to get my camera out until after lunch so I only got a few pics.

These are just pictures of fun times playing with friends. Once was with my friend Kim and her cute little girl Bailey. We played in the hose and collected worms. Then there was once with Steph and her kids. They came down for her doctor appt. and stayed to play. Then there are pictures of Alyssa holding my friend Lauren's sweet baby girl Aleksa. We love to have visitors now that we can actually play outside!

I guess I never blogged about moving into my Grandma Grange’s rental house back in January. We sold our townhome in December, moved in to my sister Cami’s basement as a temp until we could find somewhere to go (thank you so much!), then Grandma’s house became available and we took it. We love it because we are in a great ward, we have a yard to play in and we have wonderful neighbors to play with. So now… we had ducks in our front yard! We irrigate our lawn instead of having sprinklers. One of the first times we irrigated these ducks decided it was their personal pond. They hung out all morning. Alyssa loved it but she scared them away pretty fast because she wanted to play in the water just as bad as they did.