Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Here are just a few fun and random things that have happened around the house.

Alyssa got a cute new 4 wheeler

Playing in irrigation for the first time this year, it was freezing!

Alyssa took our picture

Cody climbed on the table from his red high chair on the left. I guess the buckle doesn't work after all.

Alyssa insisted I put Cody on the baby bike with her. I was a little hesitant but once I did they both loved it!

This is Cody playing in a puddle after it had rained

Alyssa loves band aids. She found a few and this is what she chose to do with them ha ha ha!

I babysat my friend Lauren's baby, she didn't know me very well so she was a little scared at first. This led to a little bit of crying. I guess Cody couldn't take it any more because after a few min this is what I ended up with.

A word to the wise, if you don't have a big Ziploc bag, don't try to construct your own out of foil.
I know this is sorta common sense but I am not that smart I guess.

My wonderful family got me a new bycicle for mothers day this year!! I have wanted one for about a year now and didn't think I would get one any time soon but I did!!! It is super cute, which I didn't expect either, I thought I would have to have a used bike and there is not much choice when you are buying something used so I was content with any old ugly bike but I got this way cute ban new bike!! After Tom gave it to me we hooked up our buggy, put the kids in it and we went for a ride. Cody absolutely loves being in the buggy, he smiles and claps every time we get it out. The only sad part is that it has rained so much, because we have not been able to go on verry many rides yet. I did take the kids to McDonnalds to get ice cream and play in the play place though and that was super fun! I am just so greatful to have such an amazing husband who pays attention and knows how to make me so happy!

Cute design!