Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fun zoo day! We have been to the zoo a lot, but we can go because my kids are still free! Once I have to pay for my kids to go it will happen less and less. So here are some fun pictures we took this time. Some of the animals were super close and stuff this time. We also went with two of my sisters and that was fun!!

This is what we do when Tom goes out back to the cow's field to shoot his bow. We get way bored and start doing wierd things. There are also pictures of Tom, Ben and Ty's little fishin trip to the Green River


Here are some fun pics of everyday life. There are pics of the first time Cody fell asleep in his high chair, Alyssa when she learned to ride her two wheeler, Tom's awesome tiger musky, Cody on his four wheeler, and just random pictures of everything this summer.

We got some of our friends together and went to Kirk's Grandpa's ranch to shoot some clay pigeons and have a fire. We had fun, I only shot like once though, I get shy when people are watching. Boys never seem to grow up though. It was like watching a bunch of ten year old boys at recess. They were finding anything they could to make things dangerous, see who could shoot the fastest and see what water does when they shoot it (which they already knew). I love hanging out with friends, it makes me feel my age!

The Bug Run. This is the family race I was originally going to run my half marathon in. Instead I ran the 10K race and Alyssa rode in the kids bike race. I ran most of the race with Sarah, it was super fun! We started out going the wrong way though and we ended up running an extra mile ha ha ha! Laura is quite an amazing women for putting on this race, there were at least 100 people there and she had breakfast waiting for you when you finished your race. She also accommodated every body's abilities, there was a 5k, a 10k, a half marathon, a bike ride, a kids run, and a kids bike ride. Everyone got to be a part of the race! Somehow I ended up winning the 10K, it was pretty cool. After breakfast Laura gave out candy and metals to all the kids and they were so excited! Thanks Laura for all your hard work, the race was a blast!
For more pictures please visit http://www.thebugrun.blogspot.com/