Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mothers Day

My Mothers Day this year started a little early. My wonderful mother in law takes all of her daughters and daughters in law to Women’s Conference at BYU every year as part of our mother’s day gift. This year we went from April 29th to May 1st. It is so much fun because we get to go shopping and have an uplifting girl’s weekend without kids. Thanks Laura! We go in a pretty large group with friends and family and I get so busy that I forget to take pictures so here is all I have.

Here is where mother’s week (as I like to call it this year) got really good. I didn’t tell you that my car broke down for the fiftieth time right before I left and Tom was trying to fix it. The day before I left he decided it was maybe time to start looking for a new car (something I didn’t expect). So I happily went with him to look at one he found on KSL that day. I fell in love! It was a nice car for the price range we were looking in, and I was maybe a little over excited to get a car, so I told him to buy it. He waited and waited and then the guy sold it to someone else. I was so so sad but, I left on my vacation and had a good time. When I got back, Tom, Alyssa and this car I had fallen in love with, was in Laura’s garage! On it was a note that said “Happy Mothers Day, Happy Birth Day and Merry Christmas Kaycee Love Tom and Alyssa”! I can’t tell you how happy I was! The deal is that he lied to me and actually got the car the night I left! I love my man he is the best ever!

So I got a car a week early but that’s not all. I also got to drag Tom shopping with me to spend the rest of the money my mother in law gave me. He hates shopping with me so that was the sweetest thing ever. Then on Saturday, the day before mother’s day, Tom took Alyssa and me on a hike with him. I am seven months pregnant and to most women that may sound not so fun, and it was hard, but for me it was one of the best days ever. I can’t explain how fun it was to just be with Tom and Alyssa. On actual mother’s day I spent time with my Mom and sisters and also with the Baldwin side of Tom’s family and both were so much fun but I forgot my camera so no fun pictures, sorry.