Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lots of Random Stuff

I have not bloged for a very long time so now you get to look at lots of random pics from the last couple months. This pic is of Alyssa and Tom swimming at my dads house. We try to swim as often as we can and since both my parents and Tom's parents have pools, its pretty easy.

Alyssa after bath time! What a cutie!

I was so proud of myself for doing her hair that I had to blog about it. I am very limited when it comes to hair styles.

Alyssa is now very interested in the cows across the street. They seem to like her too. Whenever we walk over there they all come over and watch Alyssa.

boaring days at our house picking flowers out of our garden.

fun days at grandma mac's

These just show Alyssa's obsession with Colby when we went to the cabin. It has been almost a month since we were there and she still asks me for colby at least once a day.