Sunday, November 16, 2008

Halloween was a blast this year. Alyssa was actually old enough to enjoy trick or treating and I think I had just at much fun as she did. She got to dress up as a hula dancer and luckily it was warm this year so she didn’t have to wear a jacket until the very end. She caught on to saying trick or treat pretty quickly. I wish I could show you the excited look on her face after the first few houses. After trick or treating with the McFarland cousins we went back to Janeal and Jason’s house to play and eat dinner. It was way fun. Thanks Hall family!
CITY OF ROCKS was way fun this year! All of my siblings were able to be there and that is all I could have asked for. We ate dinner together and then sat around the fire and laughed all night. We climbed every day and I only missed out on one climb which is pretty good considering I am terrified of heights! Rylan, Kyler, Brundle and Alyssa were definitely not as scared as I was, they all climbed way high! Anyway it was a great trip and we had a blast!
I had to do a separate slide show just for Alyssa’s climb because I think this is just awesome. We had almost all climbed this rock when Alyssa asked me if she could climb the rock too. Well I thought we would get the harness on her and she would call it quits so I said yes. Little did I know, she is a better climber than me ha ha. We strapped her in with a rope to pull her up and a rope to pull her skinny bum back down. Not a wine out of her mouth. They started to pull her up and she just loved it. She got pretty high and I was getting nervous but when they asked her if she wanted to go higher she so happily said yes. It was the coolest thing ever because I have never seen any 20 month old so eager to go rock climbing! I love my baby!

Here are just a few random every day pictures that I thought were cute. Alyssa decided that she fits in her book droor so she climbed right in. Ha ha funny huh!?

This was the LMMT (Laura McFarland Made up Triathlon) we all participated in for Laura’s birthday this year. We hiked 5 miles, ran 6 miles and biked 26 miles. Yup she just about killed us. My camera battery died so I only got pictures of the hike; which is too bad because we all looked very tired and it would have been very funny to show you. It was fun even though it was hard and I am glad that I did it.
This was Alyssa’s very first trip to the ZOO! Grandma Margo came with us and played with the kids the whole time. It was so cute! Alyssa wasn’t quite sure how to react to the animals but she liked it. Brundle and Jayci were right there showing Alyssa everything. They are so sweet to her. Afterword we went to the Gateway mall and played in the fountain. I didn’t get pictures of that though. It was a fun day and I hope we can do it again.

Hunting and fishing are two of Tom’s favorite things to do so I decided that I should at least show some of the things he got this year on our blog. There are two of his many fish(one is a tiger musky), an elk and a deer. Alyssa loves to fish with her daddy but mommy isn’t so eager. It is good family time though so I can’t say that I hate it. That is his first elk ever and probably his hundredth dear ha ha.

Tom and I went on a day date to Providence Canyon to spot for deer. It was pretty fun. It is beautiful up there. We didn't see many deer but it was worth the time we spent together.