Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter was great! Every year we go to Simpson Springs with my dad but this year the weather didnt look so good so dad decided, an hour before we left, that we would go to Sand Hollow in St. George. The drive was crazy! We left Wednesday night around six, dad's transmission went out in Salt Lake so he was a few hours behind, the rest of us drove on. We hit a blizard in Provo and it didnt end untill we got to Ceadar City!!! Now when I say blizard I mean we could not see thirty feet in front of us. It took us till three thirty in the morning to get there. Thats nine hours of driving people. It should have only taken five hours, FIVE HOURS!!! Poor Tom was exhausted. We ended up having to stay in a Wal Mart parking lot to sleep untill the gates to Sand Hollow opened. Once we actually got there the trip was a blast. It was so warm I got to run in shorts and a T shirt without freezing. Alyssa got to use Nikki and Wes's four wheeler all by her self (Thanks guys)! Kailee May was so sweet and helped watch my kids at least once every day so I could go ride my four wheeler. Tom crashed twice doing crazy things on his motorcycle, we got to hang out with friends and family, the kids got crazy amounts of candy from the easter bunny and Scooby doo (my dad),I learned to ride a motorcycle and we all got a little bit of sun. This trip turned out great! Cant wait till next year!
Alyssa rode this without anyone on it with her this year! CRAZY!! She is the coolest three year old ever!!

Flying kites

Cody's second mom while we were there

This was called the flinstone house

Fun in the sand

Alyssa worked on this hole the entire time, with some help.

Oh by the way, I learned to ride a motorcycle. Thanks DAD!!!

I had no idea I was in this pic. GREAT!

Friday, April 9, 2010

We finally got to go on a trip without the kids. I know that sounds kinda mean but since we have had Alyssa, Tom and I have never been on a trip together, just the two of us. I guess this trip was not just the two of us, we went with our friends to Yellowstone but we were without kids. It was so weird to decide to do something and just do it, we didn't have to plan and pack kids and go through all the craziness with the kids. We decided to do something and just did it. It was refreshing. We went to a condo that our friends the Vanmeeterens have in West Yellowstone. It was a nice place but I didn't get any pictures of our room. There is not much to do there this time of year because everything is closed but it was still fun. We swam every day and went to any of the shops that were still open and one night we even went to a play. It was probably the worst play I have ever been to but it was funny and still fun. Tom, Kirk, Taylor and I decided to go on a small hike to a radio tower we could see from our condo so we did. little did we know that the snow would not hold our weight, every few steps your foot would sink and it was hard to come out of. I got a few pictures of Taylor struggling to walk, it was pretty funny. He didn't bring any hiking shoes so he wore dress shoes and his ankles got cut up, it was sad. At one point Kirk tried to run in the snow and fell right on his face! I wish I had the camera rolling because I almost peed my pants laughing! So my brilliant husband tried to make some snow shoes. They were pretty cool but they didn't work. That didn't stop him from trying a few more times to make snow shoes that work but nothing was ever very successful. When we got to the tower Kirk and Tom decided it would be the best idea to climb it. Yeah they are crazy. I had a blast though and I cant wait till we can get away again! Thanks to Laura for babysitting!

Yeah they think they are bad


Snow shoe attempt #1

Looks cool but didn't work

Poor Tay Tay had a hard time

Snow shoe attempt #2

Again, it didn't work :(

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Yes it is supposed to be spring but we get to experience fall twice every year at my house. My neighbors have huge, crazy trees that drop leafs all winter, so when spring comes we go over and help them clean up. It really is fun for the kids to get to play in the piles of leafs again. We just love to be with the Blanskets so its not so bad for me and Tom either.

The noise in the back ground is lawn mowers picking up leafs

Cody is getting big!!! I forgot to post when he started crawling so here we are at this point.

Tom got a new motorcycle! He always seems to get the best deal. He was excited to go on our annual trip to Simpson Springs with dad this year so he got one. He also got he and Alyssa new helmets! She loved that. I get to use his old one and he also got me a new four wheeler! Yup he did! Such a cute man I have!!!