Monday, December 1, 2008


We went to my dad’s house for Thanksgiving dinner the Monday before thanksgiving because he and Brenda were going to see Rylan get baptized! Congrats Rylan, we are so proud of you!! So Alyssa found some fun glasses in Kailee’s toys and put them on, it was so cute! That’s all I got a picture of at dads but we did play wall ball, laugh and play games together. Cami and Rob made the turkey and it was way yummy thanks guys! On Thanksgiving Day I totally forgot my camera and I was so mad but I will tell you about our day. We started out at Layne and Laura’s house with the McFarland family shooting clay pigeons. Tom and I had a blast! Then it was off to the church to have dinner with the Baldwin family. They sure do make some great food. We do it at the church because the family is so huge! It works out well though because the little kids get to play in the nursery and the adults get to play basketball and enjoy their holiday.

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