Friday, February 19, 2010

Alyssa's third birthday was January 28th. She was so excited and I had forgot to go get balloons or anything to decorate the house with (good thing Tom is around to help me be a good mom) so I put her to bed the night before and went to good old Wal Mart. I didnt get much, as you can see, but she was happy with it. It's pretty funny because she got her first real bike this year so I set it up in the living room so she would see it right when she got up and the first thing she said when she walked in the living room was "balloons!!!" The two dollar balloons I had bought the night before were her favorite thing to see! Kids sure do know how to be happy with the little things in life. Then later that week on Saturday we had a party and my awsome sister Cortney made a Little Einsteins Rocket cake. It turned out pink instead of red because we didn't have enough food coloring but it was cute! My camera died when we got there so not many pictuteres. A few days after the party, Grandma Margo (my mom) took Alyssa for her special birthday day at Grandma's house. They made cupcakes, took a bath and played with toys. Alyssa absolutely loved it! Thanks everyone for making her birthday so much fun!

My wonderful decorating

Her Gifts

Absolutely loved the bike!

Such a cute cake for a cute girl!

She loves Grandma Margo's bug tub
Playing after cup cakes

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Rider Girl said...

IT looks like Lyssa Bad A Pretty fun birthday! :) she is so cute! i can't beleive how fast she is growing up! Your family is very cute! Love you guys! :)