Monday, March 15, 2010

So I was shopping at Wal Mart and like always we had been there way longer than we should have so I was trying to hurry. When I got up to check out I started to unload my cart and when I looked up this is what I saw. All the workers were laughing so hard. We all thought it was the cutest thing ever! Now I know some of you are probably freaking out because his face is in deed touching the cart but I take the time to wash the cart every time I go and I feel like that cleans them pretty darn good. Any way It was just so stinkin cute, I had to share.

So this picture is a sad one. We were all in the bathroom one day getting ready to leave and Cody got placed in the sink. Well my flat iron was on and we heard him start to cry so we assumed that he burned himself. I picked him up and examined his hands and arms but I didn't see anything. Later I saw a little red mark on his head so I assumed maybe he hit his head on the faucet. Well a few days later I was playing with him and I saw something on his finger, I opened his hand and found a burn. It had blistered over so I didn't see it until the blister popped. this picture actually looks pretty good compared to what it looked like later because he would not keep a band aid on it so as he crawled around it got dirty and dry. It was way sad and I felt way bad.

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Nikki said...

What a cute little Cody! I wish I could see all my neices and nephews more often! Maybe someday! Love you all!