Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Day!

This was our first Christmas at our own house since we have had kids. We just always wanted to open gifts with other family members because Alyssa didn't really understand yet. This year she did and we had our own house and it was way fun! Santa did a great job! Tom did too. This year Tom gave me a new wedding ring! It is beautiful and I love that it is just like my original one, only this one is real. Yes my old ring was CZ and very inexpensive but I loved it. We were very young when we got my original ring and we decided to save our money for other things, so we got inexpensive rings. Well I didn't expect a new ring for at least ten years but Tom decided to be the sweetest husband ever and get me a new ring now, he said I deserve it. I don't even know if I deserve to have such a great husband let alone a nice new ring! Any way it was an amazing gift and I love him! I gave him a knife set for butchering the animals he hunts. Not quite as good as what I got but it will do I guess.
Here is Cody in his jammies.

Cody's gifts from Santa
Alyssa in her jammies
Her gifts from Santa
I have to explain this gift. As it got closer to Christmas people started asking Alyssa what she wants, well Alyssa, being the very hilarious little girl she is, had somehow decided she wanted a yellow worm. I have no idea where she got that from but she honestly wanted it because that is the only thing she ever told anyone. So this lucky little girl got a yellow worm from Santa. It was her favorite gift! How great would it be to be so content with nothing but a yellow worm. I love my kids!
This was Cody's favorite toy
Such a beautiful fairy princess :)
Cody and Alyssa's gifts
This is the Baldwin side of Tom's family. We had dinner on Christmas day with them(amazing food). This picture shows how fast this already huge family is growing. All of these babies were born within five months of eachother. Actually it was one baby each month except Cody and the little girl to the left were born within a week. Don't worry there are still lots of pregnant cousins to add to the fam.


hamblin clan said...

Very cute pictures! It looks like you had a great Christmas. Alyssa looks so cute holding her yellow worm. How funny! I can't wait to see you new ring.

Emily Dawn said...

You guys are so cute!
We need to be friends ok? Let's hang out soon!

molly.mormon88 said...

I have spent way too long not checking your blog. This is the first picture I have seen of your son! He is precious and your family is gorgeous. You deserve the loveliness you've been given. :)

Nelson1102 said...

Your kids are so cute!!! How are you doing girl, i haven't seen you in forever!!