Monday, December 28, 2009

Every year we go to the McFarland Family Cabin in Bear Lake to cut down Christmas trees, this is an awesome tradition except we are outgrowing the cabin. This year there was actually a little snow so it was a little more fun for the kids. Tom and I left the kids to stay warm in the car while we went on the four wheeler to get our tree. Tom was excited this year to find the perfect tree, and he did! It took a few min and we had to cross a stream but he found it. This tree was hilarious and I decided only Tom could have found it. It was one big tree trunk with three trees growing out the top. NO LIE! I am so mad that I forgot my camera but I think Jam got some pictures; I will have to try to get them. Anyway he cut it down and brought it home. He cut them apart and trimmed them up then wired them together so they look like one giant tree. Guess what, it is our best tree yet! I love my Tom! Oh I can’t forget to write about our lovely car. After we had cut our tree down we were getting ready to leave so Tom started the car to get it warm for us. Now this car is ridiculous because as soon as you start it, the doors lock. We have locked ourselves out of it many times because of this and that day was no different, except Cody was in the car. So we are in the Mountains in Bear Lake and my four month old baby is locked in my running car. Yes he was screaming. So everyone is in a panic trying to figure out a way into my car, well Tom had opened the trunk to load stuff in it so the thought was he could bust the back seat in and get into the car. Well in the process of trying to unroll the window with the car's antenna everyone decides that he should just do it, break the seat. So he does and guess what, about thirty seconds later they got the window down with the antenna through the window. Broken seat for nothin. However baby safe and sound. It was quite crazy. Now we decide to go back to the cabin to play games and eat dinner before we all leave. This was way fun and I finally won Settlers of Catan! When it comes time to leave it had snowed at least a foot and a half and you could not see the front of the car while driving. It was scary but as we got farther and farther away from Bear Lake it got better. We made it safely. Wow what a crazy trip!

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