Friday, April 9, 2010

We finally got to go on a trip without the kids. I know that sounds kinda mean but since we have had Alyssa, Tom and I have never been on a trip together, just the two of us. I guess this trip was not just the two of us, we went with our friends to Yellowstone but we were without kids. It was so weird to decide to do something and just do it, we didn't have to plan and pack kids and go through all the craziness with the kids. We decided to do something and just did it. It was refreshing. We went to a condo that our friends the Vanmeeterens have in West Yellowstone. It was a nice place but I didn't get any pictures of our room. There is not much to do there this time of year because everything is closed but it was still fun. We swam every day and went to any of the shops that were still open and one night we even went to a play. It was probably the worst play I have ever been to but it was funny and still fun. Tom, Kirk, Taylor and I decided to go on a small hike to a radio tower we could see from our condo so we did. little did we know that the snow would not hold our weight, every few steps your foot would sink and it was hard to come out of. I got a few pictures of Taylor struggling to walk, it was pretty funny. He didn't bring any hiking shoes so he wore dress shoes and his ankles got cut up, it was sad. At one point Kirk tried to run in the snow and fell right on his face! I wish I had the camera rolling because I almost peed my pants laughing! So my brilliant husband tried to make some snow shoes. They were pretty cool but they didn't work. That didn't stop him from trying a few more times to make snow shoes that work but nothing was ever very successful. When we got to the tower Kirk and Tom decided it would be the best idea to climb it. Yeah they are crazy. I had a blast though and I cant wait till we can get away again! Thanks to Laura for babysitting!

Yeah they think they are bad


Snow shoe attempt #1

Looks cool but didn't work

Poor Tay Tay had a hard time

Snow shoe attempt #2

Again, it didn't work :(

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