Sunday, May 9, 2010

My sister Cortney had little baby Reegan on March 23rd 2010. We were not able to go see her because both of my kids were pretty sick so we had to wait. A few weeks later we were headed to the Planetarium in Salt Lake City and I decided we should stop in to see my new niece. She is adorable! Great job Cort! The Planetarium was fun as well. We rode the front runner to Salt Lake and I had never been on it before, it was pretty fun with my kids. Alyssa and Cody were so excited the whole ride there. Once we got there it was sort of a mad house because it was a Friday and apparently that is the day everyone decided to go to the Planetarium. It was pretty cool to see all of the displays. It was extra fun because Tom actually got to go somewhere with us! He is always working when we get to go fun places, it makes us sad. He is so cute with the kids and they love to have daddy around. After the Planetarium we decided to take the kids to see the temple. They loved to touch the door and take pictures by the fountain, its fun to see how much kids love the temple even though they don't quite understand what it is or why we have it. That to me just shows the truth of it all, if your kids can feel the importance without complete knowledge about it. When we got done there it was time to go home. All the kids and Grandma Mac fell asleep on the front runner. Alyssa actually laid her head on the man sitting across from me for a minute, I was a little embarrassed but it was cute. All in all it was a great day!

Such a beautiful baby girl!!

Waiting for the fron runner

Alyssa on Mars

On the Moon

At the Gate Way
Temple Doors
They all laid down in the elevator, must have been tired Yup they were
Me and cute Morgan on the front runner going home

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