Sunday, July 11, 2010

I RAN A HALF MARATHON!!!!! You better believe it, and I ran it in 2 hours and 1 min. My mother in law asked me if I would want to run a half marathon in a family race she was putting together on June fifth and my first thought was, "are you crazy women!?" but somehow she has this power over me and I always say yes ha ha. So I started looking for training programs for losers who don't exercise at all, because that was me. I found a program that took you from running three miles to running a half marathon in ten weeks and I thought that I might be able to pull that off so I started trying to run three miles. I would start to run one week and then I would quit, typical me when it comes to exercise. Then I drug my neighbor and friend Jessica into the mix and she helped me run three miles every other day for about two weeks. Then it was now or never, the race was in exactly ten weeks and if I didn't start now I would never make it. Amazingly I found the motivation to run and keep running and all of the sudden I found myself three weeks in and running six miles!!!! I was so impressed with myself but I still had a long way to go. Then my mother in law asks me if I would like to run in the ogden marathon with her because she had a friend who could not do it any more. I was excited but nervous because that race was three weeks sooner than I had planned my training for. However I still said yes because she has powers. This was going to be crazy! I had only one more month to run from six miles to thirteen point two. I have to tell you it was not lookin good to me but with amazing support from my husband, who had to watch the kids A LOT so I could run, I did it! I finished my training and I was ready to run. We got up on May 15th at four thirty AM to drive to the start of the race. It was so cold we all had on pants and long sleeves. I was perfectly happy with my decision to be warm untill I started running. All of the sudden it was blazing hot!! I ended up shedding my pants so I had only shorts on but that was a mistake because you don't get clothes back if you take them off on the trail. Oops. So I ran on, the first six miles were a cake walk, from then on it was a little harder but not too bad. As I got close enough to the finish line that I could see it, all I wanted to do was finish so I sprinted the rest of the race! I could not believe that I had actually run a half marathon! It was a great experiance and I hope to do it again real soon. Thanks Tom for being the best support ever and thanks Laura for giving me the oppertunity! (sorry not many pics, Tom had both kids and was diong his best)

Yup I am a big dork.

Me and Sis in law Sarah

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