Monday, November 16, 2009


Our good friend (pretty much brother) Taylor Vanmeeteren came home from his mission, to Fresno California, November 4th so we decided at the last second to go to Montana, where his family now lives and where he was going, to see him. It was a surprise for him because we didn’t tell him we were going. We stayed for five days and it was a blast! We love the Vanmeeteren family, they are so sweet and I am sad they don’t live in Utah any more. Alyssa had nick names for everyone. She called Taylor "Tay Tay" she called Jed "Big Jed", Jolene "Jo Jo" and their friend Will "Willy" it was cute. Tom got to go fishing on Will's property, which is beautiful! We went to this cool bridge over a pretty river and just got to be with our friends. Taylor didn't change too much; he was a great kid before he left so there wasn't much to change. I am glad we got to go thanks Vanmeeterens for hosting a great trip!

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